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To sign up to the directory, please complete the form below. You’ll be asked a few simple questions about, for example, what you’re willing to volunteer for and your areas of work. Most of the fields are optional if you don’t want to give certain types of information – just give as much as you think would be useful to directory users. We’ve provided information buttons to explain why we’re requesting some of the information, but if you have any questions or concerns about the form, do please contact us.

We will process your application and get back to you as soon as we can to confirm that you’ve been added to the directory. Customers will then be able to find you and contact you directly about any speaking, writing or other opportunities they want to share. You can choose whether to provide an email address for this, or to ask people to contact you via LinkedIn. Please bear with us if the approval process takes a few days; IP Inclusive is staffed largely by volunteers.

Please note that this directory is for UK-based IP professional who identify as having a minority ethnic background. So long as you fall into that category, you’re welcome to join – regardless of what type of job you do in the IP sector, or the type of organisation you do it in, or how long you’ve been doing it for. If you’re only interested in, say, joining a committee but not public speaking, that’s fine: you can specify what you would be comfortable volunteering for. Equally, you can volunteer for a role even if you don’t yet have much experience in that context: everyone has to start somewhere and we know it can be harder for minority ethnic professionals to get that first gig.

*** If you would like to update any of the information in your directory entry, please contact the AskME team. ***

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