The IP & ME Community focuses on ethnic minority IP professionals, although it is open to anyone in the IP professions who shares IP Inclusive's v...

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IP Ability

IP Ability is the IP Inclusive community for disabled people, carers and their allies working within the IP professions. We aim to provide a supporti...

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Our IPause community supports IP professionals who are going through, have gone through or expect to go through (peri)menopause, as well as people who...

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IP Futures

IP Futures is an IP Inclusive Community for early career stage IP professionals. It's intended to offer networking and support for people in their fir...

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IP Out

IP Out is the IP Inclusive Community for LGBT+ people and their allies working in the IP professions. We provide support and networking opportunities,...

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Women in IP

The Women in IP community tries to tackle issues that people face as women within the IP professions. If you live as a woman, you likely face at least...

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Our community leads

Lianne Da-Cunha (she/her)

IP & ME committee co-lead


Beatrice Malacart (she/her)

IP & ME committee co-lead


Riddhi Patel

IP & ME committee co-lead


Chris Clarke

IP Ability committee co-lead


Marianne Privett

IP Ability committee co-lead

AA Thornton

Jane Wainwright (she/her)

IPause committee lead

Potter Clarkson

Fionnuala Richardson (she/her)

IP Futures committee lead

Finnegan Europe

Isobel Barry (she/her)

IP Out committee co-chair

Carpmaels & Ransford

Darren Smyth (he/him)

IP Out committee co-chair


Lucy Coe

Women in IP committee lead

Mewburn Ellis