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A CITMA webinar
for a mentally healthier workplace

Thursday 12 January 2023
12.30 – 1.30 pm



The IP industry sees worryingly high levels of mental health problems, including within students and support staff.Β This impacts on productivity, leading to more mistakes being made.Β In turn, we see a large number of people currently considering stepping away from the profession altogether.

TheΒ Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA) kindly invited IP Inclusive supporters to their free webinar to address these issues. In the webinar they worked to understand how we can approach workplace stress, understanding that this is a widespread workplace hazard and – like all hazards – that it must be removed or managed. They explored whose responsibility this is, and considered what changing the culture around workplace stress might look like.

Attendees also left the webinar with some tips and strategies for how to deal with stress at a personal level as a first line of defence.


Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the findings in the IP Inclusive/Jonathan’s Voice wellbeing at work survey
  • What does realistic expectation of change look like in this context?
  • How can we manage and remove the workplace hazard presented by stress?


Follow-up resources

The webinar recording and slides are now available on the CITMA website: seeΒ here.


Meet your speaker

Photo of Penny Aspinall

Penny Aspinall

Penny Aspinall is a mental health trainer and consultant with extensive experience across the public and charity sectors.

Starting as a counsellor and trainer with Relate in 1992, she has since moved on to counselling posts with the University of Huddersfield and the University of Leeds, where she developed and managed an extensive group work and psychoeducational training programme for students, as well as delivering staff training on mental health awareness.

More recently, Penny was Head of Disability, Counselling and Mental Health at the University of Bradford.

She has been working freelance withΒ Charlie Waller as a consultant trainer for the Workplace programme and a trainer on the Universities and Colleges programme since August 2018. She is also now a trainer and consultant with the IP sector-focused mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice.


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