Following-on from yesterday’s blog post about the mental health event that took place in Bristol last month, you can now download some notes which summarise the main points discussed and give practical ideas to help your organisation tackle this important topic and establish a mental wellbeing framework. You can also download the UK IPO speakers’ slides about their mental wellbeing programme. Please use these to raise awareness and keep the conversation going within your own organisations: we all need to do what we can to improve our own and our colleagues’ mental well-being.

(Of course, we wouldn’t be IP professionals if we didn’t remind you that these notes do not constitute legal or medical advice, so please don’t rely on them as such.)

Thanks once again to Withers & Rogers and Haseltine Lake (especially Fiona McBride and Lesley Evans #1 for their hard work in co-ordinating the event) and to the UK IPO speakers Lesley Evans #2 and Mary Taylor.

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