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Women in IP and IP & ME present

An Introduction to Patent Pathways™

Friday 15th September 2023

2pm-3pm BST


This month, instead of a virtual coffee date, Women in IP teamed up with IP & ME and offered an introduction to Patent Pathways™. Patent Pathways™ is a US-based program dedicated to increasing the number of Black women who are qualified to practise as patent attorneys and agents through free, virtual education, practical exercises, mentoring, financial support, and professional placements. The program is having a real, tangible impact on diversity in the US IP profession. This event explored what we can learn from those who set it up and those who have participated in it, and provided practical information for anyone wanting to start something similar in the UK.


Who was it for?

This event was for all UK-based IP professionals. Everyone was welcome and everyone stood to benefit, regardless of ethnicity, gender or professional role.


Follow-up resources

A recording of the webinar can be found here.



This event was free. So are all our resources. That said, we do need money to keep the show on the road, so if you enjoyed the event please consider contributing. For more information, visit the IP Inclusive fundraising page.

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