We all want IP Inclusive to continue. Please help us ensure that it can.

There’s no paywall at IP Inclusive, not even a subscription for our Charter signatories. We don’t believe that would be inclusive. Instead our events and resources are free at the point of delivery, to everyone who works in our sector. IP Inclusive is and always has been a collaborative venture – by the professions, for the professions.

But it needs funding to continue at current activity levels. And we need to invest in administrative support if it’s to develop sustainably. There’s so much more it could do, which IP Inclusive is uniquely positioned for because of its focus on, and reach throughout, the IP sector.

That’s why we’re asking all our supporters to give what they can to keep the initiative going. If you value what it provides for your organisation and colleagues, and for the IP professions as a whole, please make a donation this year. So far we’ve raised 3/4 of our 2021-22 target, but we still need a little more.


Corporate donations

If your organisation would like to contribute, please contact us via for payment details. Our governing body IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) will issue a receipt so that everybody’s accounts are in order: just let us know who to address it to, where to send it and whether there’s any special wording you need us to use. Invoices can be provided if absolutely necessary.

We suggest the amount depend on the nature and size of your organisation and what it gets out of IP Inclusive. Anything between about £200 a year for the very smallest to about £2500 a year from the larger private practice firms would be a massive help to us.

2021-22 donors feature on our Supporters and Partners page.


Individual donations

We welcome donations from individual IP professionals too.

Perhaps you personally have benefited from the changes IP Inclusive’s been making, from the friends and colleagues you’ve met at our events, from the answers you’ve found here on all sorts of issues, both professional and personal? Or perhaps you’re feeling generally philanthropic? Either way, if you can give even a small amount to help us continue, we’d really appreciate that. Please contact our Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster for more information.


How will the money be spent?

Our 2021-22 business plan and budget are available here, so you can see how we plan to spend the money we raise and why it’s so important to fund IP Inclusive’s development at this critical time.


Thank you so much!

Check out our 2021-22 business plan and budget to see how we'll spend the funds we raise this year. There's also more here about our general plans for IP Inclusive's development.

Please note that IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) is not a registered charity or community interest company. It is an unincorporated association that operates on a not-for-profit basis. Its objectives are to promote and improve equality, diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing in the UK’s IP professions, and it acts for the benefit of UK-based IP professionals, those they work with and those wishing to become one.

IPIM oversees all activities carried out under the IP Inclusive and Careers in Ideas brand names and is responsible for the assets and liabilities which accrue as a result of those activities. You can find out more about it here.

IPIM is not VAT-registered.