IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) is the governing body that oversees everything done under the IP Inclusive banner, including the Careers in Ideas campaign. It is there to ensure transparency, accountability and control; to establish clear lines of reporting for IP Inclusive’s work; to mitigate risk and liability; and to provide reassurance to both internal and external stakeholders, including those who donate funds or contract with us. It is responsible for IP Inclusive’s finances and bank account, and looks after legal, compliance and other formal issues such as insurance and data protection. It also owns the assets and liabilities that arise from the initiative’s work.

IPIM’s work is largely unseen, and deliberately light-touch so as not to detract from, or unduly fetter, IP Inclusive’s crucial volunteer activities. It oversees the work of the Lead Executive Officer (currently Andrea Brewster), to whom it delegates the authority to provide the vision for IP Inclusive and to realise that vision with IPIM’s support (see the governance memorandum here).

IPIM members

Ben Buchanan

IPIM Chair


Liz Dawson

IPIM Treasurer


Julia Florence

IPIM Secretary


Michael Silverleaf QC

IP Inclusive Management

11 South Square

IPIM is an unincorporated association with a limited number of members, elected at our annual general meeting (AGM) each year. The current membership, appointed at the 23 March 2021 AGM, is:

The Chief Executives of CIPA and CITMA (Lee Davies and Keven Bader) serve in an advisory capacity. Ben Buchanan, representing the UK Intellectual Property Office, joins IPIM as an observer, “critical friend” and non-executive chair. Julia Florence, formerly the CIPA representative, continues as IPIM Secretary.

Constitution and objectives

The association has a formal constitution which sets out its objectives. These are, essentially, to improve equality, diversity and inclusivity in the community of UK-based IP professionals. They are intended to direct everything done under the IP Inclusive banner, and they shape our mission statement.

Other key features of the constitution include broad membership criteria for UK-based IP professionals and associated organisations, and a requirement to report to and consult with the wider IP Inclusive community.

The minutes of IPIM’s meetings are publicly available. You can download them below, together with IP Inclusive’s Annual Reports, and the Lead Executive Officer’s reports to IPIM on day-to-day activities and operations.

From autumn 2020 to spring 2021, IPIM has been consulting with all IP Inclusive stakeholders regarding the initiative’s future development. It has now published its plans for 2021 and beyond, which include some changes to the IPIM constitution and the establishment of an advisory board to support its work. For more information about the context for the consultation and the plans being considered, and to provide your own input, please visit this page.

Contacting IPIM

You can contact IPIM at any time by emailing its Secretary Julia Florence, or for financial matters its Treasurer Liz Dawson. Please feel free to send them your ideas about IP Inclusive’s future direction or activities.

Policies, procedures and guidelines

Here you can download copies of IP Inclusive’s formal policies and procedures, as well as guidelines for those working under the IP Inclusive banner.

Privacy & data protection