Careers in Ideas

On Wednesday 13 March we launched our new Careers in Ideas “task force”. This kick-off meeting took place from 2 to 4 pm, kindly hosted by AA Thornton & Co.

The meeting included a talk from education and outreach expert Johnny Rich, who created the Careers in Ideas resources for us and who advised us on how to maximise our outreach efforts through the new task force.

Careers in Ideas is IP Inclusive’s campaign to raise awareness of IP among school and university students and their advisers, and to educate them on the various careers and careers paths available. To move the campaign forward we now need more hands on deck. Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, contributed ideas and experiences, and volunteered to take some of our key projects forward.

There are still plenty of jobs that need owners, from doing small bits of fact-finding to establishing relationships with other outreach organisations, or even just including your name on a rota to check the Careers in Ideas Twitter account or answer queries from students and teachers visiting the website. So if you can help in any way but couldn’t make the meeting, please contact Chris Burnett for more information.

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