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An IP Ability social event

Thursday 16 December 2021
4.30 – 5.30 pm GMT


Logo for 2021 International Day of People with Disabilities

Our IP Ability community teamed up with the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) in the US, to help IP professionals in both territories build a more inclusive working environment for disabled people and carers.

December 2021 saw the 29th year since the UN proclaimed 3 December to be its International Day of Persons with Disabilities (see also Our supporters were invited to an IPO/IP Ability mixer in honour of that day, held on Thursday 16 December at 4.30 pm GMT (11.30 am Eastern Time).

Tom Pienkos, the chair of the Intellectual Property Owners Association IP Professionals with Disabilities and Advocates Resource Group (part of the IPO’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee), joined Marianne Privett and Chris Clarke, co-leads of IP Inclusive’s community for disabled people, carers and their allies. Together they led discussions on the topic of disability within the IP professions.

This relaxed, informal event was organised to help the IPO Resource Group and IP Ability share experiences and ideas, with a view to encouraging allyship and advocacy and ultimately improving the experiences of disabled IP professionals in both the US and the UK. It was open to all UK-based IP professionals, including of course disabled and neurodiverse people and their allies, whatever their organisation or role or career level.



This event was free. So are all our resources. We think it’s important to keep IP Inclusive the right side of the paywall.

That said, we do need money to keep the show on the road, so if you enjoyed the event please consider contributing to our 2021-22 fundraising campaign. For individual ad hoc donations, our crowdfunding page is here. Or for more information – including for corporate sponsors – visit our general fundraising page here.

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