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An IP & ME “coffee club” meeting

Friday 29 October 2021
9.30 – 10 am



We were super excited to host another in our series of IP & ME coffee mornings: an informal, half-hour social event for BAME IP professionals (attorneys and support staff) *and their allies* to chat, relax, and get to know each other. This October session included two discussions, each exploring a different question to spark conversation and get the ball rolling. They were:

  1. How would you describe your ethnicity?
  2. How, if at all, has that description changed during your life?

These questions led to some fascinating discussions about what “ethnicity” means to people, and how their backgrounds affect the way they identify. Some said that the way they describe their ethnicity depends on who they’re talking to. White allies were aware of how privileged they were not to have had to think about, or explain, their ethnicity. Many agreed that they had thought more about ethnicity in recent years, as the topic has come into greater public awareness.


Screenshot of people in the coffee club meeting

A screenshot from the meeting


All agreed that the discussions could have gone on for much longer, and the next coffee club may be scheduled for 45 minutes to give people a better chance to get to know each other and exchange ideas. This second event certainly forged some new friendships, and everyone there enjoyed themselves immensely.

Interested in joining the next one? We’d love to have you! Email Josh McLennon at and he’ll make sure you get an invite next time.


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