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An IP Ability webinar

Thursday 18 November 2021
12.30 – 1.30 pm


This highly popular IP Ability event explored two key issues surrounding the diagnosis of neurodiversity:

  • Diagnosis later in life (eg mid-career); and
  • How the likelihood, timing and nature of a diagnosis can differ between genders.

Understanding these issues not only informs the people who receive or seek diagnoses, but can also help their allies – including employers and colleagues – to build a more inclusive and supportive environment for them.

The event was open to all UK-based IP professionals, including of course disabled and neurodiverse people and their allies.



Our speakers were:

  • Rebecca Campbell (Mewburn Ellis) from the IP Ability committee
  • Roxy Lackschewitz-Martin, Policy Manager at Neurodiversity in Law, a society run by legal professionals and students to promote and support neurodiversity within the legal professions
  • Edward Rose from the UK IPO’s “iThink” support network, which promotes awareness and understanding of neurodiversity

Marianne Privett (AA Thornton), co-lead of the IP Ability committee, chaired the discussions.


Follow-up resources

You can access a recording of the webinar here. Rebecca Campbell’s slides are available to download here, and Edward Rose’s here.



This event was free. So are all our resources. We think it’s important to keep IP Inclusive the right side of the paywall.

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