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A “Movember” event for men in IP
with the IPO’s Men’s Network and IP Inclusive

Wednesday 24 November 2021
1 – 2 pm


On 24 November 2021 the IPO hosted an informal lunchtime/coffee-style event for men, in a collaboration between their own Men’s Network and IP Inclusive.

Participants heard from a number of speakers on the theme of “What did you do to keep busy during lockdown?” Timed to coincide with the annual Movember campaign focussed on men’s health, the event was a chance for people to reveal the benefits of their lockdown activities and interests and share tips to improve wellbeing – however surprising, humdrum or unusual. From tiling the bathroom to a sell-out DJ set, all sorts of “me time” activities were mentioned, accompanied by a discussion about what people got out of them.

The key themes that emerged were:

  • “Escapism” has benefits for wellbeing and can build social and transferable skills
  • Sharing and talking about these things opens up what might otherwise be seen as trivial indulgences and adds value
  • Spending time on a personal interest can feel selfish – but that’s ok; the benefits extend to the individual’s wider network

Our thanks to Ben Buchanan and Jake Ash from the IPO for organising this event and sharing the main outcomes.


Who could attend

This was an event for IP professionals who identified as men. Normally our events are open to allies as well, but in this case we felt it was appropriate to provide a space for men to share their unique experiences with one another. That said, it didn’t matter what role our attendees played in the IP sector, or at what career level or in what type of organisation, so long as the theme struck a chord with them!



This event was free. So are all our resources. We think it’s important to keep IP Inclusive the right side of the paywall.

That said, we do need money to keep the show on the road, so if you enjoyed the event please consider contributing to our 2021-22 fundraising campaign. For individual ad hoc donations, our crowdfunding page is here. Or for more information – including for corporate sponsors – visit our general fundraising page here.

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