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Work-life balance and the 21st Century father


Reaching out to our allies: IP Inclusive’s Women in IP community organised a dedicated Men in IP coffee date on Friday 19 June 2020 from 8.30 to 9.15 am.

This was an informal get-together chaired by our Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster. Timed to coincide with the Father’s Day weekend, our discussion theme was “work-life balance and the 21st Century father”.

What have you learned about fatherhood and family during the Covid-19 lockdown? How will that affect the way you live and work in the future? Will it change the way you interact with your colleagues? And above all, will it have helped to make parenting a more gender-neutral issue? These were some of the issues we discussed.

All men in IP were welcome, whatever their role, whatever their career level, and whether or not they were parents. Some brought their breakfast, or at least their first coffee of the day, bu the children were quietly occupied elsewhere!

You can read Andrea’s report of the discussions here.


We limited numbers to make the discussions more manageable, but feedback was generally positive so we may try to organise more similar meetings in the future. Keep an eye on our Events page.

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