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Here’s a summary of IP Inclusive activities to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year ran from 13-19 May. There are still events to come; we’ll be keeping mental health on our agenda for more than just a week…


Mental health and wellbeing survey

In collaboration with CIPA and CITMA, we ran a survey on mental health and wellbeing. Closely based on our spring 2018 version, it aimed to gauge levels of stress and mental health problems in the patent and trade mark professions, to uncover their causes and to suggest what we can do to address the problems. The survey is now closed, and we hope to report the results later in the summer.

This year’s survey was open to both CIPA and CITMA members. It included questions that mirrored those in a recent survey by the Law Society’s Junior Lawyers Division, to allow us to compare the results not only with our own from last year, but also with the wider legal profession. We’re hoping the responses will help us to offer more, and better targeted, mental health support for the IP sector.



We organised three webinars for Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond. For some, there were also “live viewings” around the country, allowing people to listen to a webinar alongside other IP professionals from their area, share experiences and discuss the issues raised.

On 14 May, 12.30 – 1.30 pm, our webinar entitled “Mental health: time to listen, time to act” featured a guest speaker, Graham McCartney, from the charity Jonathan’s Voice and included a discussion about mental health first aid training. More details here.

On 13 June, 4 – 5 pm, Nick Bloy from Wellbeing Republic presented a webinar for us about “How the character traits of legal professionals undermine their mental wellbeing”; more details here.

On 4 July, 12.30 – 1.30 pm, we’ll be broadcasting a panel discussion on workplace dress codes. A nod to the Mental Health Awareness Week “body image” theme, this will explore the impact of dress codes – both explicit and implied – on inclusivity. We’ve a fabulous panel of experts lined up: more details here.

If you’d like to organise a live viewing of your own, for any of our forthcoming webinars, please contact IP Inclusive Events.


Mental Health First Aid training pilot

Mental health “first aid” training is becoming increasingly popular as a way of removing the stigma around mental health problems at work, and supporting the people who suffer with them. Earlier this year, Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee called on the Government to change legislation so that an employer’s first aid responsibilities cover both physical and mental health, and to add a requirement for workplaces to train mental health first aiders: see here and here.

We talked about mental health first aid in our 14 May webinar, “Mental health: time to listen, time to act”, with personal perspectives on mental health first aid training and its benefits, and advice on follow-up measures to maximise its value.

Meanwhile, on 26 and 27 June 2019, CIPA is kindly hosting a mental health first aid training course for us (more details here). This is a pilot scheme to gauge the value and popularity of shared training sessions. If successful, we’re hoping to organise similar training “pools” for IP Inclusive supporters in other regions.

This 2-day course qualifies delegates as Mental Health First Aiders. The training will be provided by Mental Health First Aid England and will take place at CIPA’s offices on Holborn in London. The cost per delegate will be £200 + VAT, which is lower than the fee for attending one of MHFAE’s external courses. In order to keep the cost down, we’re asking delegates to make their own lunch arrangements (there are plenty of sandwich bars nearby); CIPA will provide tea and coffee during the refreshment breaks.

Places on this course are being offered to all IP Inclusive supporters on a first-come-first-served basis, initially limited to one delegate per organisation. Whilst not compulsory, we would really appreciate it if delegates could share their thoughts about the course afterwards, in a form that we could use in a report for our News and Features page.

If you’d like to register a place, please email

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