Mental health

An IP Inclusive and CIPA webinar
on stress, depression, addiction and burn-out in legal professions


Our presenter

Brian S. Quinn, Esquire – Education and Outreach Coordinator, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of PA, Inc.

Our topic

Beginning with a very personal story about the problems that stress can cause for a busy legal professional, Brian will talk about the importance of recognising and responding to the early signs of mental health problems.

This webinar is based on Brian’s work with the US legal profession, but will nevertheless be tackling issues that are common to all of us who operate in high-stress environments. It will look particularly at:

  • The early warning signs of depression, stress and burn-out as well as alcoholism and other forms of dependency;
  • How to get appropriate help before things get out of hand;
  • What barriers prevent legal professionals from seeking the help they so desperately need;
  • The role of education in breaking the stigma and fear associated with addiction and mental illness in the legal professions; and
  • How best to approach a person you think is struggling.

These are topics that matter to all of us as individuals, to our colleagues, and (for employers and managers) to the teams whose wellbeing we need to safeguard.

We will include information about the help available from LawCare for UK-based IP professionals. The webinar will be chaired by LawCare Champion and IP Inclusive Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster OBE.


This webinar is a joint project between IP Inclusive and CIPA. To register, please click here.

Note that you don’t need to be a member of CIPA to attend; if you have problems registering, please contact

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