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A joint event by the CIPA Informals and
IP Inclusive’s Mental Health First Aiders Network

Tuesday 16 March 2021
2 – 3 pm


We joined the CIPA Informals and Donna Smith of Odonnata Growth & Transformation Coaching for an hour to learn TWO KEY TECHNIQUES on how to manage your focus and reframe your mindset during this particular time of year in the trainee attorney calendar. We also heard from Graham McCartney, co-founder of the mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice, about the guidance and support they provide for IP professionals.


Donna Smith
Photo by Ursula Kelly @Studiosoftboxuk



The audience

Scheduled in the week before the patent attorney qualifying exam results, this masterclass was predominantly for trainee attorneys who were:

  • Feeling stressed about recent/upcoming exams; and/or
  • Worrying about what their exams results would be.

We learned some valuable coping techniques with Donna, an ex-lawyer and a work-in-progress “embracer of failure”!

While the talk was focussed towards trainee patent or trade mark attorneys, it was open to anyone in the IP sector who felt it would be of benefit, and was extremely well attended.


Follow-up resources

You can read the Informals’ report of the event here, and access the recording here. For queries about the event, please email the Informals’ Welfare Officer Jonathan Foster.


More about our speaker

Donna’s business helps law firms to take the wellbeing and development of their junior lawyers as seriously as they take the law. You can read her profile here.





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