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A free IP Inclusive and CIPA webinar
to help you through the coronavirus crisis


Our topic

In this webinar a panel of experts explored together the impact of the new “socially-distanced” working models on our mental health. There can be benefits and challenges to working remotely; we looked at both, and identified some practical tips and resources for overcoming the challenges and making the most of the benefits.

We discussed in particular the impact of a sudden change in working practices, the problems faced by people who are not used to remote working, and how both managers and other colleagues can support one another despite the physical distance between them.

Our aim was to help ensure that the teams which emerge from the coronavirus crisis are more resilient, cohesive and productive than ever and above all, that they stay well.


Our speakers

The discussions were chaired by Andrea Brewster, Lead Executive Officer of IP Inclusive and former CIPA President. Our panellists were:

  • Lee Davies, Chief Executive, CIPA
  • Ruth Gawthorpe, CEO, Smart Working Revolution
  • Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO, LawCare
  • Mary Taylor, Patent Examining Group Head and member of the cross-office Mental Health Strategy Group, UK IPO


Follow-up resources

You can access a recording of the webinar here (our apologies that the first few minutes were lost due to a technical fault), and the slides here. Mary Taylor has also kindly provided some follow-up notes on the IPO’s “virtual tea break” schemes, here.

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