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IP Inclusive and its Careers in Ideas initiative are delighted to invite you to a panel discussion and workshop on socio-economic diversity and recruitment.  The event is on 12th June 2019, and will be held at Marks & Clerk‘s new offices at 15 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1BW.

Through our new Careers in Ideas task force, we’ve been looking at ways to improve social mobility both at the gateway to, and within, the IP professions. This event will explore best practices in outreach, recruitment and selection procedures to help erode the stereotypes and biases that still seem to limit our socio-economic diversity. It aims both to raise awareness of the challenges faced by would-be IP professionals from less privileged backgrounds, and to generate ideas and guidance to address those challenges.

We’ll begin with a panel discussion, led by Julie Barrett of Purposive Step (business and career consulting for those in or related to intellectual property), with panel members from a variety of IP-related occupations who have experienced and overcome bias against or difficulties in their backgrounds.

The second half of the event will be a workshop, with facilitated group discussions, on ways to counter the difficulties highlighted in the panel discussion. We’ll focus particularly on improving the recruitment process in the IP-related professions. And we’ll share the key outcomes of these discussions with the wider IP Inclusive community.

Afterwards, please join us for drinks and nibbles, networking and of course some informal follow-on discussions on the workshop topics.

This free event is for not only fee-earning IP professionals, but also anyone involved in recruitment or HR or with influence over their organisations’ EDI policies (for example practice managers, diversity champions and IP Inclusive Charter EDI officers).

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