Welcome to our collection of personal narratives that delve into the diverse experiences of menopause, shared by members of IP Inclusive’s IPause community.

Menopause is a significant transition that brings with it a spectrum of physical, emotional and social changes. As unique as each individual’s journey is, the common thread that binds them all is the need for understanding, empathy and a supportive community.

Whether you are approaching menopause, currently in the midst of it, or supporting a loved one through this journey we hope that you will find these stories to be a useful resource. By sharing them, we hope to:

  • help to normalise conversation about menopause;
  • educate members of our community by providing insights and reassurance; and
  • foster a sense of connection and unity among those who are navigating their own paths through menopause.

In these stories, you will encounter a range of experiences – from the humorous to the profound, the unexpected to the transformative. Our community members open up about the triumphs and tribulations, the moments of self-discovery, and the strategies they’ve employed to embrace this new chapter of life.



Would you like to share your own experience of (peri/post)menopause? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].


In this recording Andrea talks about her personal journey through perimenopause and beyond.

She experienced various symptoms including erratic periods (leading to a hysterectomy), hot flushes, brain fog and depression. She feared that she had Alzheimer’s and that the symptoms would go on forever. HRT was helpful in easing the symptoms and she felt inspired and empowered when she realised that she wasn’t alone. Now, post-menopause, the symptoms are easing and she wants to reassure others that there is life beyond the menopause.


Jane has written a series of diary entries about her menopause journey, which are loosely based on her journalling.

In Part 1 she describes the pre-diagnosis symptoms she experienced, including brain fog, forgetfulness, mood swings, crying, night sweats, and above all the confusion and uncertainty about what was happening to her.

In Part 2 she describes getting a diagnosis from a gynaecologist, who prescribed HRT.

In Part 3 she describes her experience following starting HRT. She describes improvements in her symptoms in the following weeks and months, as well as adjusting the HRT dose to maintain the effect.


In this recording Mandi talks about her experiences of medically-induced menopause following a breast cancer diagnosis, and the support systems and strategies that help her through it.

She has suffered from intense hot flushes, brain fog and itchy skin. She was unable to take HRT or herbal remedies. Instead she took anti-depressants, made changes to her diet (plant-based / balanced) and started walking more. Mandi also talks about how loss of confidence at work impacted her. She is now very open about her symptoms with her current employer, and she maintains a sense of humour.



In this recording Marianne talks about her journey through perimenopause and how she makes sense of the symptoms she experiences.

Marianne experienced an inability to find words for about six months before she attended a webinar on menopause and realised that might be the cause. Later on she also experienced night sweats and low mood and was short-tempered. She had a sympathetic GP who prescribed HRT which has eased symptoms. She talks about openness in her workplace and mentions the possibility of workplace adjustments. Her advice to others includes to be alert to the wide range of possible symptoms and to seek GP advice early.

Do you have a menopause story to share?

Have you been inspired by these stories? Would you like to share your own experience of (peri/post)menopause? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].