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The AskME directory is a project driven by our IP & ME community. Its aim is to help IP professionals diversify their networks, and to improve the visibility of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in the UK’s IP scene: on the podium, in the media, round the table, wherever there is influence to be had and a presence to be felt.

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Here's how it works

UK-based IP professionals who identify as being from a minority ethnic background can sign up to join the directory if they’re willing to volunteer as:

  • Speakers or panellists

  • Content creators

  • Participants in committees and similar working groups

  • Examiners for professional exams

  • Mentors

Then, if you or your organisation are looking to diversify the groups of people you work with, say as an event provider or a publisher, we can provide you with access to the directory. You’ll be able to filter for volunteers who satisfy the criteria you’re interested in. 

For example, you might be an event provider looking for speakers with particular legal or technical expertise, or an editor looking for people who could write on a particular topic. For each volunteer returned by the filters, you’ll be able to see an index card like the one below, with a range of information they’ve provided about themselves and their contact details. The rest is up to you.

Some of the people in our directory

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To safeguard the volunteers in our directory, access is by permission only. Please register as a customer using the middle of the three buttons below. We’ll ask you some basic questions about who you are and why you need access, and once we’ve approved your registration, you’ll be able to log in and search the directory using your own username and password.

If you’re a UK-based IP professional, and identify as having a minority ethnic background, we’d love to include you in our AskME directory. Please complete the sign-up form using the left-hand button below. We’ll let you know as soon as your entry’s live.

No problem! If any of your volunteer details need changing in the directory, just email the AskME team with the necessary information. We’ll update your entry for you.

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