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A free IP Inclusive webinar
Wednesday 24 June 2020
4.30 – 5.15 pm



Why is it so hard to say no? What are we afraid of? How can we turn “no” into “yes if…”, and negotiate an outcome that works for everyone? Even when dealing with genuine work constraints, or with people we perceive as “difficult”?

And how about if we’re the person making the request – how can we do that in a reasonable way, recognise when someone isn’t comfortable with the request, and handle their response appropriately?

Career coach Jo Maughan talked us through these and other questions, with some practical tips for getting more out of potentially difficult conversations.

Jo returned to IP Inclusive having delivered highly popular webinars for us on Imposter syndrome and Dealing with strong emotions at work. She has an engaging and candid style that combines personal experiences with tried and tested strategies for making ourselves more effective, more confident and more authentic at work.

This event was organised through our Women in IP community but was open to all IP professionals. Jo’s advice is likely to be useful whatever your career level, including if you’re in a management or leadership role. You can watch the recording here.


Jo Maughan

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