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An IP Inclusive/CIPA webinar
12.30 – 1.30 pm

This free webinar, kindly hosted for us by CIPA, is about what it means to be on the autism spectrum and about inclusivity for colleagues who are on it. How can employers make the working environment more comfortable and productive for people with autism? What can colleagues do to help? And what special talents can people on the autism spectrum bring to the IP world, if we try a little harder to accommodate them?

Our speakers will include Nikki Dowell, founder of the IPO’s iThink network, and Katy Samuels, Employment & Development Coordinator at Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru. Jonathan Andrews, a trainee IP solicitor from Reed Smith, will also be sharing his personal experiences as a legal professional on the autism spectrum, and outline the work he’s been doing to challenge stereotypes and improve inclusivity in the legal professions.

Ultimately, we hope, this event and our 12 July webinar on disability will herald a new networking and support community for IP professionals with both physical and mental disabilities, as well as their allies. Both webinars are aimed at creating more disability-confident workplaces in the IP sector; they are open to all IP professionals, whatever their role or their level of seniority, and to those who support them for instance in managerial or HR functions.

To register, please visit the CIPA “What’s On” page here or email

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