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A free Careers in Ideas Week webinar
Thursday 19 November 2020
4 – 5 pm


Confused about how to begin, or get involved with, or increase the amount of, outreach activities at your firm? This talk by Dr Catherine Jewell was a case study example of how she implemented an (award-winning!) outreach programme at Beck Greener LLP. Catherine provided her IP professional listeners with skills, tips and resources to assist with setting up their own schools outreach activities, particularly focused on STEM-based IP careers.

The event was organised by our Careers in Ideas task force, as part of its activities to mark Careers in Ideas Week 2020. Among other things, it was a chance to learn more about the Careers in Ideas resources, and how you can use them to help widen recruitment into the IP professions.


Follow-up resources

You can access a recording of the event, and some useful links from Catherine, via our resources page here.

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