Careers in Ideas Week 2020
16-22 November

This year, IP Inclusive Week has morphed into Careers in Ideas Week. Our Careers in Ideas team are planning activities and events to mark the occasion, and we’ll be encouraging all of our supporters to help raise awareness of IP-related careers with talks, open days, work experience opportunities and other outreach projects. And of course, we’d like them to take our Careers in Ideas resources with them, including some new materials for 2020.

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IP Inclusive Week 2019

IP Inclusive Week 2019 ran from 11-17 November. Loads of our supporters joined in, either with IP Inclusive events or with their own in-house activities. We also launched our fifth community, IP Ability, and a new Midlands network. And we ran our first ever diversity survey, to gather some basic benchmarking data to help inform our 2020 plans and evaluate our future progress. You can read about the survey results on our “Diversity data for the IP sector” page.

The “scrapbook” entries below show some of the things that were going on. A huge thank you to everyone who took part to help promote diversity and inclusion in the IP professions.

For IP Inclusive Week 2019...

Events for IP Inclusive Week 2019

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IP & ME, Social

Festivals of Light

Women in IP

How to navigate a non-linear career

IP Inclusive, Regional events

IP Inclusive Week at the IPO

Regional events, Social, Social mobility

IP Inclusive Midlands – Social Mobility

Regional events, Social

North of England “drop-in” coffee & chat

IP Ability

IP Ability: informal launch gathering

IP Futures

IP Futures: An evening with Emma Himsworth QC


IP Inclusive Week 2018

Our first ever “IP Inclusive Week” took place from 12-18 November 2018. Its aims were to:

  • raise awareness of IP Inclusive
  • start conversations on D&I issues
  • catalyse improvements in D&I levels and practices throughout our support base
  • foster a sense of community and involvement among the people who are interested in improving D&I in the IP professions, in particular our EDI Charter signatories
  • widen our reach.

We called on all of our supporters to do at least one thing during IP Inclusive Week, however small, to improve D&I, and asked them to share that via our blog and other social media outlets. We were thrilled by the levels of participation in, and enthusiasm for, the new campaign.

Charter signatories around the country organised activities and events ranging from workshops, discussions and training sessions to the publication of internal fact sheets on diversity-related issues. Some launched initiatives that will continue to have an impact well into the future, such as internal D&I committees or action groups. Many organised internal social events such as tea and cake, lunches, a games session or even a wheelchair obstacle course. Others raised funds for relevant charities. A great deal of cake was eaten, much of it rainbow-coloured.

Some organisations provided us with guest blogs to mark IP Inclusive Week, or published blogs by IP Inclusive supporters. We were also invited to take part in an IP Federation Council meeting and a discussion on “Diversity as a brand value” at Hogan Lovells’ Annual Brands Seminar.

A dedicated blog page on our website posted ideas and supporting resources during the run-up to IP Inclusive Week, the resources including suggested workshop exercises on unconscious bias, kindly provided by the IPO’s Ben Buchanan; a presentation on the role of D&I champions; a resource pack for running a work experience event, compiled by Chris Burnett and colleagues at A.A. Thornton & Co; and the “Steps to Inclusion” D&I review developed for us by Focal Point Training.

During the week itself, the blog was updated several times a day with tweets and posts from participating organisations, generating a delightful “scrapbook” record of the week. Activity on our Twitter account reached (for us) record levels. We hope that the publicity the campaign generated – for everyone involved – will also have brought us new supporters. It felt like a celebration.

We intend to run IP Inclusive Week annually from now on.

Take a look at some of the entries below from our IP Inclusive Week “scrapbook”, or check out our news and features page and filter for “IP Inclusive Week 2018”.


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