Busy, busy, busy!

IP Inclusive is manned solely by volunteers. Busy volunteers. Everything we do is the result of someone’s generosity with their time, expertise, contacts and ideas; or their kindness in organising, hosting or catering for our events; or their sponsorship of projects such as websites and other resources.

And that’s all great, because it brings people together, united under the IP Inclusive umbrella in pursuit of a common cause. It allows us to share and learn from one another, to meet new people and hear different perspectives.

​But if you want to help us do more, the one thing we could really use right now is time. We appreciate that volunteering has to be fitted around demanding day jobs, but if a few IP organisations donated, instead of money or an event venue, a couple of hours of staff time a week for IP Inclusive activities, there is so much more we could do together…

A couple of hours a week could really help us to:

  • Keep the IP Inclusive and Careers in Ideas websites up to date, by:
    • Sourcing and loading blog posts or news items and moderating comments
    • Posting event details
    • Replying to or redirecting comments and queries
    • Posting work experience and other careers opportunities
  • Keep our Twitter® and LinkedIn® feeds lively and current
  • Maintain our database of Charter signatories
  • Keep in touch with our supporters, by:
    • Organising updates through our various mailing lists
    • Processing queries, requests, suggestions and offers of help

Someone who can spare time a bit less regularly could still help us to:

  • Organise and promote an event
  • Build a regional “cluster” of local Charter signatories
  • Establish and nurture relationships with other organisations working in the D&I sector (or in the case of Careers in Ideas in the education, recruitment and outreach sectors)
  • Co-ordinate a “task force” of Careers in Ideas volunteers
  • Provide articles and updates for our own and external publications

Most of this work can be divided up so that each individual only needs to put in a set amount of time on a specific task. The more people we have helping, the easier it is to establish a rota so that no one person has too much to do, and so that we can cover for one another when the going gets tough in the day job or at home. Keeping an eye on our Twitter account, for example, or on website visitors, could be limited to certain times of the week. Organising an event requires input at the planning stage and in the week before the event, but the work can be scheduled in advance to minimise disruption.

Much of the work takes the form of administrative support and doesn’t require high-level IP expertise, so we’d welcome help from staff at all levels and in all types of role.

Getting involved in this way is a great networking opportunity. You’ll meet people in other organisations who could ultimately be not only your friends but also clients, suppliers, referrers of work, champions, mentors, collaborators or colleagues. You’ll get to hear more of what’s going on in the IP space. You’ll learn new skills. And you’ll likely have a lot of fun.

As we get bigger, our communications – and the associated admin – become ever more important. IP Inclusive exists to raise awareness and share best practices; it’s vital that we engage effectively with both existing and potential new supporters.

So if your organisation can spare us some time, even just a few hours a week, please get in touch. Let us know what you’re interested in getting involved with, and whether you can contribute specific types of expertise (or people who’d be willing to learn) and we’ll get you started…

​Thank you.


Page published on 21st January 2019
Page last modified on 29th March 2019
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