For Careers in Ideas Week (16-22 November 2020), we’re running a series of posts featuring outreach and social mobility organisations.

Many of these were represented at a 23 September 2020 “think tank” meeting, co-hosted by the IP Federation and IP Inclusive, to discuss social mobility and access to the IP professions. They all have an interest in promoting social mobility as well as, in many cases, other forms of diversity.

They’ve kindly provided information about the work each of them does and how the IP professions can get involved. Their suggestions will help you identify opportunities to give back to the community whilst also improving diversity within the IP sector. Perhaps more to the point, working with and through these organisations will help ensure that the support you provide reaches the right people, in the right way.

In today’s post, we learn about the HUDL Youth Development Agency. You can access a full Careers in Ideas directory of outreach organisations here – and look out for further information about the listed organisations over the next few weeks.


What does HUDL do to improve social mobility and access to the professions?

HUDL is a youth development agency, dedicated to the professional and personal growth of young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. We work in partnership with young people, organisations and networks to diversify opportunities and impact positive change.

We support young people to access opportunities by recognising their own talent and abilities and equipping them with the confidence, skills and knowledge to realise their aspirations. For instance we deliver development days, spotlighting key transferable skills; we support young people to overcome barriers and challenges through structured group coaching with their peers; we facilitate young people to make connections with other young people who they may not otherwise have met to learn and share different perspectives; and we help them make the most of mentorships, work experience and internship opportunities. We develop strong networks that bring together young people and professionals, creating spaces that are fun, engaging, informative and impactful. We also encourage young people to use their voice in shaping the services that impact them.

We recognise that young people from low socio-economic backgrounds and particularly those from BAME backgrounds need additional support in accessing opportunities. We encourage organisations to value the contributions that a diverse workforce brings. For example we work with organisations to provide pre-access programmes to better position young people from disadvantaged backgrounds when applying for graduate schemes or vacancies.


What can organisations do to help HUDL?

  • Encourage staff from across all roles and teams to volunteer within the HUDL network as mentors, facilitators and HUDL speakers
  • Provide annual access to buildings and resources for development days
  • Share opportunities for young people to experience work within your organisation
  • Join a HUDL collective – a partnership of organisations that provide a robust and insightful year-long programme of activities for 30 young people aged 16-21, managed and facilitated by HUDL


What can individual professionals do to help?

  • Sign up to volunteer with HUDL
  • Share your careers journey (blog or vlog)
  • Encourage young people to join the HUDL network so that they can access future opportunities and support


What specific things could IP professionals do to help you during Careers in Ideas Week?

  • Online skills clinic – working in small groups to assess existing and transferable skills
  • 3-5 minute “talking heads” for Instagram and website – What is IP?, How to get started in IP,  Your journey into IP,  What skills are required for a successful career in IP?, Impact of IP, Top tips…


For more information, visit the HUDL website, or email Keji Okeowo at [email protected].







Page published on 6th November 2020
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