To mark Careers in Ideas Week (16-22 November 2020), we’ve been running a series of posts featuring relevant charities and community interest groups. All of these have an interest in promoting social mobility as well as, in many cases, other forms of diversity.

They’ve kindly provided information about the work each of them does and how the IP professions can get involved. Their suggestions will help you identify opportunities to give back to the community whilst also improving diversity within the IP sector – and ensure that the support you provide reaches the right people, in the right way.

In today’s post, we’re featuring Strive Consultants, who work to improve social mobility by helping people from less privileged backgrounds achieve their potential in City law firms.

You can access a full Careers in Ideas directory of outreach organisations here, and read more about the listed organisations on our Careers in Ideas Week page.


What do Strive Consultants do to improve social mobility and access to the professions?

Strive focuses solely on the potential of candidates from unconventional backgrounds to address the imbalance of diversity in City Law. Strive nurtures the potential of these candidates, regardless of their grades, ethnicities, and social standing, in order to enable them to access training contracts with City law firms. We provide training supplemented with one-to-one mentoring, and application and assessment centre support all within one supportive community.

All of our students are socially mobile and must meet at least one other diversity criteria. This way we ensure that we are focusing on representative diversity and assisting those who need it.


What can IP sector organisations do to help you?

They can help by:

  • Hosting educational events or skills clinics
  • Mentoring
  • Sponsorship
  • Assisting with growth and scale


What can individual professionals do to help?

Sign up to become a mentor, join the team and help us grow.


For more information…

…Visit our website,, or contact Sana Shafi at [email protected].







Page published on 25th November 2020
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