Cultural diversity is a broad term that encompasses, among other things, the various ethnic origins, languages, religions and beliefs in a society. Celebrating diversity allows us to recognise our similarities as well as our differences. Research has shown that diversity facilitates creativity, collaboration, personal development, economic growth, and better decision-making.

World Day for Cultural Diversity is a UN initiative designed to raise awareness of cultural diversity and its benefits. Read more about World Day for Cultural Diversity here.Help IP Inclusive promote diversity and inclusion in the IP professions. Join our campaign to celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity, on 21st May, by doing an activity for diversity and inclusion and show your support by sharing what you do to celebrate.

Who: Anyone who considers themselves to be part of the IP profession.
Where: Anywhere, whether in or outside the office.
What: Do something different, perhaps something you’ve never done before, to show your support for diversity and inclusion. Stuck for ideas? See our suggestions below.
How: Share photos and/or videos of your activity with @IPInclusive using #Strengthindiversity.
When: 21st May 2018.

Here are some suggestions for what you could do on 21st May:

  1. Listen to traditional music from a different culture.
  2. Have a traditional or cultural dress day at work.
  3. Enjoy or share home-cooked food from a different culture. 
  4. Attend a different traditional or cultural event.
  5. Learn a different custom. For example, if you’re due to receive/visit a foreign client, why not learn about their traditional customs, or you can learn the basic things about your colleague’s religion and how you can support him or her during festivities. 
  6. Visit an exhibition or museum dedicated to other cultures.
  7. Plan a movie night to see a film from a different culture.

Got more ideas? Share ideas for activities to do on World Day for Cultural Diversity with us by commenting below or on Twitter @IPInclusive.

James A. Anani-Isaac
On behalf of the IP & ME Committee

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