Here’s a summary of the data we’re aware of so far on ethnic diversity in the IP professions. There’s not much but we’re hoping there will be more in the future. We’ll update this post if new data becomes available.

If you’ve thoughts about this, or would like to help us do more to measure and improve BAME representation in IP, please get in touch with our BAME community IP & ME, via [email protected].


Our 2019 benchmarking survey

Firstly, there’s relevant data from our 2019 benchmarking survey: the main report is here (see in particular sections 6 and 7) and the summary here. Essentially, the survey revealed very low levels of ethnic diversity, the IP professions being – as at November 2019 – mainly white. It showed an apparent improvement, however, among newer recruits.


CITMA’s 2019 BAME survey

Also in 2019, Kingsley Egbuonu (IP & ME committee member) conducted some research for CITMA, surveying a focus group of BAME professionals in the IP professions.  CITMA’s editorial team analysed the results in an article published in the March 2020 CITMA Review.

On 30 June 2020, as part of our “Allies and Supporters” event, Kingsley presented some of the charts from the survey, which you can access here.



Page published on 16th July 2020
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