Page published on 16th March 2023
Page last modified on 16th March 2023


Since this week is Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we would like to share some exciting plans that IP Ability have for the coming months.


Safe spaces to talk

First, we hope to encourage open discussion in a private forum on neurodivergence, by arranging a series of coffee dates. These will be informal discussions that we hope will benefit both neurodivergent IP professionals and their allies.


Learning from one another

Secondly, we will be arranging events in the format of “fireside chats” with neurodivergent IP professionals, so that we can learn from their experiences and understand how to better support neurodivergent people professionally and personally.

We hope to run both the coffee dates and the fireside chats as hybrid meetings (in person with dial-in options).


And there’s more…

IP Ability are also planning events this year about disability confidence for employers and about the Access to Work scheme that can help with workplace adjustments. Keep an eye on their webpage for more details. And in case you missed their 9 March 2023 webinar with CIPA about online accessibility, you can access a recording of “Online, but not forgotten” here.

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