The IP Inclusive task force held its fourth annual round-table meeting on 23rd January. Following updates from the four working groups on their 2017 achievements, we set our objectives for 2018.

Key initiatives for 2018

1) Establish IP Inclusive “champions”​

  • Recruit and support champions/allies to help pursue IP Inclusive’s objectives, raise awareness and disseminate key messages about D&I, and to strengthen the community of Charter signatories
  • Mirror this work in the activities of the Women in IP, IP Out and IP & ME support groups

2) Establish an annual “IP Inclusive Week”

  • Encourage all Charter signatories and champions to focus on the IP Inclusive objectives during a specified week, for example with in-house awareness-raising events and training, by hosting events for the wider IP Inclusive community and/or through involvement in other IP Inclusive projects
  • Provide suggestions and support for suitable IP Inclusive Week activities
  • Publicise these activities in order to promote the IP Inclusive cause and to foster and celebrate a sense of belonging among our supporters

3) Reach out to regional supporters

  • Where possible, target events at supporters outside of London, eg through webinars, webcasts and live regional events/“roadshows” (including multi-location events)
  • In particular, consider regional events, focused on practical ideas for improving D&I in the workplace
  • Establish regional networks of IP Inclusive champions and/or Charter signatories
  • Seek to include D&I sessions at CIPA’s regional meetings

4) Reach out to a wider audience of “IP professionals”

  • In all activities and communications, emphasise that IP Inclusive is for all IP professionals at all career levels, including those in “supporting” roles, and not restricted to members of “minority” groups
  • In particular, encourage IP professionals from all levels and job types to become IP Inclusive champions

A full list of our 2018 objectives, including the specific objectives of our four workstreams, can be found here. You can also read the minutes of our 2018 AGM, and download our new IP Inclusive poster, which we encourage you to display in your office so that all of your colleagues and coworkers can learn more about IP Inclusive.

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