Page published on 26th October 2022
Page last modified on 27th October 2022


Our 2022 mental wellbeing survey results have generated more publicity this year than in previous years. We take that as a good sign: mental health has climbed up the agenda and many more people are now engaging with the problems our three surveys revealed.

Commentators have typically focused on the importance of tackling the underlying causes as well as alleviating the symptoms of stress in the workplace. The impact on businesses, and their longer-term sustainability, seems to have caught people’s attention at last – individual professionals have, we know, been struggling for some time, but it is the business as a whole that is best placed to address that.

We thought you might be interested in the following articles that followed our report:

Our Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster OBE also offered her personal insights on the survey results and their implications, in a post on our News and Features page entitled “Mental health: taking the long view”. It included some practical suggestions for managing working practices so as better to support team members’ mental wellbeing.

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