This year, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) diversity in the legal professions is being celebrated under the banner ‘All are equal under the law‘ and law firms are getting involved in the Pride in London Parade.  The Law Society chief executive, Catherine Dixon, and Law Society president, Jonathan Smithers, are leading the legal sector representatives at this year’s event.

IP professionals, including patent and trademark attorneys, members of CIPA and ITMA, and anyone working in IP law in the UK are also welcome to attend the parade in London on Saturday 25th June.  More details about the parade can be found on The Law Society website.

We hope IP professionals will also participate in the “tweet a selfie” campaign!  Legal professionals can tweet a selfie between 6 June and 25 June (the day of the parade) using the hashtag #lawwithnofilter, to support the stance that all are equal under the law and no one should have to live their life pretending to be someone they’re not. We look forward to seeing your selfies!!

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