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“Since 2019, IP partners have supported more young people each year to access bespoke STEM work placements, positive role models and high-quality career support. The IP sector is leading the way in promoting greater inclusion and knowledge sharing. IP professionals realise the importance of inclusive education and training as a means of expanding young people’s opportunities. It’s a pleasure to work in collaboration with firms that enable under-represented young people and communities to progress to a positive future.”
– Luke McKelvey, In2scienceUK


Through our Careers in Ideas campaign, we’ve been working for several years with the award-winning social mobility and outreach charity In2scienceUK. They’ve continued to collaborate with IP sector employers to introduce disadvantaged students to IP-related careers; in fact, this year they partnered with more IP firms than ever.

Today’s update from their Business Development Manager Luke McKelvey celebrates those mutually beneficial relationships. Long may they continue!

Luke writes:



In2scienceUK’s mission is to enable young people from low income and ethnic minority backgrounds to access the support and skills they need to reach their full potential. Young people who participate in The In2STEM Programme access bespoke STEM work placements, skills days and careers support led by dedicated professionals. Young people who complete the programme are significantly more likely to progress to higher education than their peers from the same background.

In 2023, In2scienceUK supported 788 young people to access bespoke STEM work placement opportunities and follow-on career support. In 2024, we aim to provide over 1,000 young people with relevant STEM placements and further opportunities. However, with thousands of young people applying each year across the UK, we need additional support from IP organisations to meet the current needs of the community we serve.


ED&I in intellectual property

In2scienceUK would like to thank our wonderful IP partners for their commitment to promoting greater social mobility and education access. In2scienceUK is proud to be supported by the following IP firms, membership bodies and regulatory organisations:

  • IPReg
  • Appleyard Lees
  • HGF
  • GSK IP
  • D Young & Co
  • Mathys & Squire
  • The IP Federation

In the last five years, In2scienceUK’s IP partners have enabled over 150 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the support they need to understand career pathways within IP. With their help, the charity has expanded its support to regions of the UK with fewer STEM outreach opportunities. This year, In2scienceUK delivered a successful “Careers in IP” panel to young people with the support of IP partners. This panel allowed participants to gain an understanding of career pathways in IP that would otherwise be unavailable to them.


Support In2scienceUK’s mission

In 2023, In2scienceUK received over 3,650 applications from young people passionate about STEM careers. If your organisation would like to sponsor a cohort of young people and make a positive contribution to diversity, inclusion and social mobility in IP, please email Luke at [email protected]. Or, for further information, please read the In2scienceUK IP Scholars Proposal 2024.

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