We’re getting hugely excited about IP Inclusive week.  Only a few days to go now!  Here are some more of the things our supporters are getting up to…

(And don’t forget to tell us what you’re planning.  If you’re on Twitter, please share your ideas, updates and photos using the hashtag #ipinclusiveweek and including @IPInclusive in the conversation.)

Members of Charter signatory AA Thornton & Co (@AAThorntonCo) have been working on a Careers in Ideas resource pack for IP professionals hoping to do careers and outreach events.  The pack will include ideas for content, workshop case studies and guidance on appealing to school audiences – everything you need, in fact, to host your very own work experience day.  We’ll be launching the pack soon to mark IP Inclusive Week: watch this space!

Another of our Charter signatories, Dehns (@Dehns_IP) are focusing on mental health this month: they’ve been publicising IP Inclusive Week and the mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice (@jonathans_voice) as part of that, and talking to staff about mindfulness seminars.  IP Inclusive is already working with Jonathan’s Voice on initiatives to improve mental health support for IP professionals.

​Meanwhile Charter signatories Haseltine Lake (@HaseltineLake) will be adding an IP Inclusive Week banner to their email signatures for the week, helping to raise awareness of their own D&I work as well as the wider IP Inclusive cause.

The committee of IP & ME (@bameipinclusive), our support group for BAME professionals and their allies, are getting together for a meal and drinks on 15 November, to celebrate what they’ve achieved so far and start planning for future activities.  To quote their leader, the amazing Anita Shaw from IBM, it “will be so nice to meet up again and save the world!!!!”  We aim high at IP Inclusive…!

Law firm Hogan Lovells (@HoganLovellsIP), also an IP Inclusive Charter signatory, will be holding its Annual Brands Seminar on 21 November this year.  Although this comes just after IP Inclusive Week, the event is a collaboration with IP Inclusive and will include not only talks on hot topics and high profile trade mark cases from the past year, but also a panel discussion on “Diversity as a brand value”.  Focusing on socioeconomic diversity, the panel will discuss:

  • What it is and why it matters for employers and employees working in IP and law;
  • How to invest in and improve levels of socioeconomic diversity across your teams and your business; and
  • Personal perspectives, including how brands benefit from being diverse, from brand value to talent retention.

IP Inclusive will be represented on the panel by Carol Arnold, Secretary of IP Inclusive Management.

The discussions will be followed by a drinks reception.  Hogan Lovells have kindly opened this event to IP Inclusive supporters; there’s more information and a registration link here.

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