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“The candid anecdotes shared by speakers humanised the journey [into IP], making it relatable and encouraging.”
Amber Gunter,
Summer of IP alumnus


During the summer of 2023 our Careers in Ideas team coordinated a programme of outreach activities and events, under the Summer of IP banner. They included introductions to the basics about IP and the careers available here, some more specific events to showcase particular types of career, and opportunities such as taster sessions and work experience placements provided by IP sector employers.

We asked participants to tell us about their Summer of IP experiences, what they learnt and what they enjoyed the most. We’ll be publishing the resultant blog posts on our website News and Features page throughout the autumn. This one is from Amber Gunter, a final year biological sciences undergraduate at Imperial College London. She explains what she learnt from our introductory event about improving your chances of success when applying for a patent or trade mark attorney trainee position.

Amber writes:

I discovered the Summer of IP webinar “Applying to Train as a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney” on my university’s careers website. Given my growing interest in pursuing a career in IP law, the prospect of gaining insights from professionals across various stages and firms, coupled with HR perspectives, immediately captured my attention.

The webinar provided a refreshing perspective that made the path to IP law feel more accessible and less overwhelming. The candid anecdotes shared by speakers humanised the journey, making it relatable and encouraging. One aspect I particularly enjoyed was that the insights shared by the speakers weren’t confined to technicalities. For instance, a perspective that resonated with me was the reassurance that interviewers actively want to like candidates. Realising that interviewers invest time in studying and assessing applications helped alleviate interview anxiety and made the process seem less intimidating.

Photo of Amber Gunter

Amber Gunter

Attending the webinar helped me realise that the concerns I hold about entering the IP law field – especially the competitive application process – are shared by many aspirants. It was reassuring to learn that these worries shouldn’t dissuade me. The practical advice on crafting effective CVs and navigating applications proved particularly valuable, providing me with tangible skills for the future. For instance, the three-pronged approach to articulating why the job appeals, how one would excel at it, and why the firm is a perfect fit, offered a blueprint for constructing compelling cover letters. Moreover, the insights from Pete Fellows, an IP recruiter, added a unique layer to the event, suggesting alternative routes to the profession and underscoring the significance of a well-crafted LinkedIn profile.

Undoubtedly, the webinar has solidified my decision to pursue a career in IP law. The insights gained have demystified the field and given me the confidence to navigate it more effectively. Reflecting back, the emphasis on professionalism at every stage of interacting with a firm, highlighted by Jo Spreckley, stands out as a key takeaway. Furthermore, this event introduced me to the Careers in Ideas Mentoring Hub led by Carol Nyahasha, a resource I’m eager to engage with.

In summary, the “Applying to Train as a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney” webinar not only reaffirmed my career choice but also provided practical tools and insights. The clarity I gained on tailoring my application, presenting myself effectively in interviews, and thriving in the competitive world of IP has not only provided me with direction but also bolstered my confidence, setting me on a determined path towards a successful career as a patent attorney.


Our thanks to all the IP professionals and organisations who helped to make Summer of IP a success, and in particular to the panellists who contributed to the webinar Amber describes. There’s more about this and the other Summer of IP introductory events here – including links to the recordings and follow-up resources.

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