IP Inclusive has set up a support network for mental health first aiders in the IP professions. This initiative – likely to be increasingly important as a result of the Covid-19 upheavals – will provide peer support; a safe place to share stories; and signposts to information, guidance and other resources. It’s supported by mental health charity and IP Inclusive partners Jonathan’s Voice.

The network is not there to provide advice or counselling; it’s just an informal forum to help mental health first aiders make the most of their training. It allows us to support one another during difficult times, and celebrate and share in the good stuff that’s being done to promote mental wellbeing in the IP professions.

We’ve begun by setting up WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups. Membership of both is by invitation or application. People don’t need to join both: they can draw on whichever gives them the support they need, at the time and in the way they need it. So, the WhatsApp group will likely offer the chance to get fairly rapid answers and support and have real-time conversations, whereas the LinkedIn group will be a platform for resources and links and longer comments and discussions.

Please email [email protected] if you’re a MHFAer, or planning to be one, and would like an invitation to join.



Page published on 16th June 2020
Page last modified on 16th June 2020

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