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South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) runs from 18th July to 17th August every year. This year the underlying theme was “Stories to Tell”, which aimed to empower individuals from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to share their stories and promote their events. In line with this theme, Monifa Philips, Riddhi Patel and Josh McLennon from IP & ME interviewed people of South Asian Heritage in IP roles to highlight some of those narratives and experiences within the IP industry.


“If people can learn something about South Asia

and learn about the different cultures within the countries making up South Asia,

that can only be a good outcome. There’s always something to be gained.

– Lianne Da-Cunha


Yasmin Razzaque



Josh McLennon, a European Patent Attorney at Håmsø Patentbyrå AS, spoke with Yasmin Razzaque, a trainee patent attorney at Kilburn and Strode, about her mixed Bengali and German heritage. You can listen to this interview here.






In this podcast, part-qualified patent attorney at Appleyard Lees and IP and ME co-lead Monifa Phillips, and trainee patent attorney Riddhi Patel, speak to several Appleyard Lees team members about their South Asian heritage, and how it interacts with their working lives. You can listen here. 






Lianne Da-Cunha



Here, Monifa and Riddhi speak to Lianne Da-Cunha, a trainee patent attorney at Forresters, about her Indian heritage and what she likes to celebrate about it. This interview is also available in written format here.




Visala Goswitz




Last but not least, Cass Dottridge spoke with Visala Goswitz, a Patent Agent at Cargill in Minneapolis, MN, about representation in the IP profession and its importance. You can read that interview here. 







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