We have been working with the social mobility-focused charity In2scienceUK for several years now, primarily through our Careers in Ideas outreach campaign. This has led to fruitful partnerships between the charity and various IP sector employers, all helping to improve access to STEM-based IP sector careers.

Their Development Manager Luke McKelvey has kindly provided an update on In2scienceUK’s recent work, and information about their 2022 programme in case your organisation would like to get involved. In his words:

“Working with IP Inclusive and partners has helped In2scienceUK increase our level of support to young people and continue to promote greater inclusion of under-represented communities.”

Luke writes:

The In2scienceUK programme provides young people from low income and under-represented backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their potential and progress to careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This year we are pleased to have returned to an in-person programme, providing 680 young people with unique work placements on the In2scienceUK programme. Young people will collaborate with dedicated volunteer STEM professionals, undertaking cutting edge research and learning STEM skills in some of Britain’s pioneering centres of STEM education, research and industry.

In2scienceUK has also developed our new alumni network to ensure every young person that completes their placement can access long term support. The alumni network aims to connect young people with relevant employers, apprenticeships and training opportunities. Young people from under-represented backgrounds lack the connections and access to information that are essential to taking their first step on the career ladder. In2scienceUK is committed to working in partnership with STEM industries, educational institutions and young people to support inclusion within graduate roles.


Growing demand

The In2scienceUK programme continues to expand into new regions of the UK. This year In2scienceUK is launching its first pilot programmes in Wales and Scotland.

We received over 2800 applications this year from young people wanting to participate in the programme. The long-term aim is to expand to every nation of the United Kingdom and increase the number of additional young people supported each year to meet demand.


Our links with IP

The IP sector positively contributes to diversity and inclusion within the STEM sector. This year, In2scienceUK has been able to help over 40 young people from low income backgrounds thanks to our IP partners.

In2scienceUK is proud to work with the IP department of GSK, and with The IP Federation, IPReg, HGF Limited, Appleyard Lees and D Young & Co. We are incredibly grateful to our IP industry partners for enabling us to support more young people yearly.


Support our mission

In2scienceUK is passionate about partnering with organisations determined to make a positive difference in young people’s lives. IP firms and organisations can sponsor young people through the innovative In2scienceUK programme. Please see our latest IP sector proposal here.

Please email [email protected] for more information on how you can get involved and make a difference.

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Page published on 4th August 2022
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Thank you for sharing, Zoe. It's great work you're doing! Do please signpost Careers in Ideas to your five students - and their friends - so they can see what a wide range of opportunities there are in the IP sector. :-)



D Young & Co are delighted to be supporting In2scienceUK and IPInclusive, and to play a part in this hugely important initiative. This year we are sponsoring five young people to enhance their knowledge and experience of the STEM sector, and to provide them with an insight into career possibilities in IP. It’s great to see the programme flourishing within the IP profession!

Zöe Clyde-Watson

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