Struggling to convince your colleagues about the importance of diversity and inclusivity (D&I)?  Perhaps our latest IP Inclusive presentation will help.

Based on the outcomes from our workshop held last November, our presentation is a collection of arguments and evidence in support of committing business resources to D&I,  and the resultant benefits.

We’ve divided the key points into four categories.  Specifically, we focus on the impact that D&I can have on an organisation’s:

  • external relationships,
  • internal performance,
  • people, and
  • risk and compliance management.

Not surprisingly, the positive effects in these four areas will ultimately translate into greater financial health for the organisation.

You can download the presentation here.

These resources are free for use by IP Inclusive supporters.  Please share them as widely as you can: the more people we can convince the better!

Huge thanks to the workshop attendees and tutors, in particular to the IPO’s Ben Buchanan for his help in putting the presentation together.

Andrea Brewster
IP Inclusive leader

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