The award-winning social mobility charity In2scienceUK has worked with IP Inclusive on a number of projects and supported our Careers in Ideas outreach campaign. So when it developed a new “IP Scholars Programme”, tailored for IP Inclusive supporters and Charter signatories, we were happy to help promote it: see here. We’re delighted that one of our Charter signatories, HGF, has now teamed up with the charity on the very first IP Scholars Programme.

In2scienceUK’s Development Officer Luke Mckelvey has the details:

February was a month of great progression at In2scienceUK and we are proud to announce our partnership with Intellectual Property Specialists HGF!

In2scienceUK helps young people from low income backgrounds gain the essential experience, skills, and confidence they need to reach their potential and progress to STEM degrees and careers.

The young people that take part in the In2scienceUK programme are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are recipients of free school meals. The In2scienceUK programme aims to provide these young people with a better future by allowing them to take part in high-quality work placements, undertake real research with STEM professionals and benefit from supportive role models. This year In2scienceUK will be supporting five additional young people through the award-winning In2scienceUK programme thanks to HGF as part of the HGF IP Scholars programme.

The young people that will be supported through the HGF IP Scholars programme are disadvantaged in that they have parents with no history of higher education and reside in areas where young people are significantly less likely to progress to university. These young people have few opportunities but are highly passionate about progressing towards careers in the STEM sector. The programme will give these young people the confidence, skills and role models to realise their potential and gain an understanding of career pathways in IP.

In2scienceUK is ecstatic to be supported by HGF. They have generously given young people with few opportunities the means to achieve their potential, as part of an inclusive STEM programme that will give them the role models they need to become future pioneers within the STEM and IP sectors.

Every year thousands of young people apply to take part in the In2scienceUK programme and sadly we are unable to support all of them. However, with your support, we can increase the number of young people from low income backgrounds supported each year. Please take a look at the IP Scholars Programme proposal and get involved today!

The IP sector holds great potential for young people passionate about STEM degrees and careers. Together we can be part of something greater and inspire the next generation to achieve, and contribute to real change, diversity and inclusion in the process.

To support the In2scienceUK IP Scholars Programme please email Luke Mckelvey, the Development Officer at In2scienceUK, to find out more and support their mission.



Page published on 10th March 2020
Page last modified on 10th March 2020
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