IP Inclusive Charter signatory Kilburn & Strode have been working on how to make everyone feel valued at work, and improving their employees’ mental and physical well-being. Kilburn & Strode’s HR director Jonathan Clarke has been persuaded to write a guest post for our blog about this initiative.Jonathan writes:

To mark the first day of Spring, my team decided to give everyone in the office a bunch of daffodils. A small gesture representing the launch of our larger well-being initiative.

We already advance the well-being of our Kilburn & Strode colleagues in a variety of ways: from discounted gym membership and regular fresh fruit Mondays at work, to regular yoga sessions, mindfulness and in-house massages. All these initiatives have the same motivation – to foster a working environment in which everyone is engaged in the business and can fulfill their potential.

So, to signify launching our formal initiative, we invested in something small and spontaneous. The flowers, like spring, are the start of something new.

We are proud to be launching a comprehensive programme of events that focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of all our colleagues.

We encourage other people in the industry to start, or synchronise, something colourful in their staff programs. We’re happy to have done so today.


Β© Kilburn & Strode
Thank you Jonathan for letting us know what Kilburn & Strode are doing to improve mental and physical well-being in the workplace: inspiration to us all! Β We’d love to know what other Charter signatories are doing to promote mental health in the office – email us if you’d like to feature on our blog.

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