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2022: Impact and growth

We’re delighted to publish our 2022 Annual Report. We hope you enjoy dipping into it to see what we’ve been up to and all the many people who’ve contributed to, and benefited from, our work.

We began the year by asking ourselves some searching questions about our impact. We learned that IP Inclusive is successfully raising awareness of EDI issues; starting meaningful conversations; giving people the confidence to speak out; and providing the leadership, drive and coordination that can catalyse change. Respondents to our February impact survey were clear: without IP Inclusive, progress in this area would be slower, less “joined-up”, less well informed – and the IP sector as a whole would be the poorer for it.

Thus encouraged, we took the plunge and expanded our executive team. That in turn has allowed us to increase the support we provide for our volunteers and to produce an array of extra events and resources to help people with their EDI work.

In the words of our Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster OBE, in her foreword to the Annual Report:

The better-structured IP Inclusive we’ve been developing this past year can face the future with confidence. We have funding and generous contributions from across the sector, and a clear endorsement of our work so far. We have the resources to engage with an even wider range of IP professionals and provide them with still richer sources of support. We have had an impact and we can continue to do so. Over the next twelve months, then, we will pursue with increasing vigour our mission to improve EDI and wellbeing in our community.

From Inclusivity Unlocked! to plans for a Summer of IP, there’s plenty to celebrate about the last twelve months and plenty more to look forward to. Do have a read!

Here you can download:


Our 2023 annual meeting…

…will be on Tuesday 18 April this year. See here for details and sign-up link. We hope you can join us to help plan the next twelve months’ projects and priorities.

Everyone who works in or with the UK’s IP sector, whatever their role, is welcome to attend. If you can’t make the meeting, but have ideas about what IP Inclusive could do in 2023-24 (even better if you’d like to get involved), please drop us an email.

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