We’re delighted to present our business plan and budget for the period from August 2022 to July 2023. They’re based on discussions at our 26 April 2022 annual meeting, the results of our early 2022 impact survey and input from the IP Inclusive Advisory Board.

  • You can download the business plan and budget here.

Also of interest, by way of background to this latest set of plans, are:


Our 2022-23 objectives

We plan to frame our activities this year around four high-level objectives. The first three build on last year’s objectives but are accompanied by updated delivery plans. The fourth brings a new focus on resources and other forms of support, and will itself encompass specific areas such as post-lockdown inclusivity, mental wellbeing and allyship.

The four objectives are:

  1. Improving our engagement with, and support for, our EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Charter signatories
  2. Diversifying the recruitment pipeline, by increasing upstream awareness of the IP professions and improving access, in particular for disadvantaged and currently under-represented groups
  3. Widening participation in IP Inclusive throughout the IP professions
  4. Developing the support and resources we provide and improving their accessibility

We intend to use the theme of “allyship” to connect and reinforce our efforts in all four areas. As usual, our communities will be key to our efforts to reach, encourage and support allies.

Below we set out the specific things we plan to do in pursuit of the high-level objectives. There are significant areas of overlap, and we anticipate progress in each being of value to the others.

Our six communities and our regional networks will also coordinate their work around the general themes above but will have greater independence to shape their activities to suit the groups they represent.


The budget

In the period covered by our last business plan, we were unfortunately unable to find time to recruit the administrative support we had hoped to (although we did make considerable progress towards doing so). This in turn meant we lacked the resources to progress all of our intended 2021-22 projects. It leaves us with a small reserve that we intend to devote, during the next twelve months, to (a) additional HR support, if necessary on specific projects; (b) widening the scope of the Careers in Ideas website upgrade; and/or (c) one or two smaller ad hoc projects should appropriate needs or opportunities arise.

We will shortly be launching our 2022-23 fundraising campaign, and will be in touch with our Charter signatories about that soon. Do please email us at if you’d like to donate this year, or indeed to set up a regular annual donation. We hope you’ll feel able to contribute so that we can continue to increase our strength, reach and stakeholder value, and to build on the amazing achievements showcased in our 2021-22 impact report.

The administrative support role is currently being advertised (see here) and we hope to appoint someone in September 2022. We already have on board an intern, Susan Nelson, who is helping us with Careers in Ideas projects, the new “Inclusivity Unlocked!” programme and general IP Inclusive comms.



IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) welcomes feedback on the 2022-23 business plan. Please write to our Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster at



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