IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive Week 2019 was from 11-17 November. Thank you to everyone who took part, to help us promote diversity and inclusion in the IP professions and to raise awareness of the work we do.

Our dedicated IP Inclusive Week page includes information about our activities and events, a “scrapbook” of the things our supporters were doing, and the suggestions and resources we provided to help people plan their own activities. There were relevant posts on our News and Features and Events pages too: for example during the week we had events on navigating a non-linear career, on gender and inventorship and on faith and belief, as well as the Birmingham launch of our new Midlands network. There were other events and activities in the weeks immediately after.

We also carried out a bench-marking diversity survey, a new venture for us this year and one that we hope will yield valuable data to shape our future work. The survey was open from 4 to 24 November inclusive; it was anonymous, and for all types of IP professional. We’ll be reporting the results in time for our 21 January 2020 annual meeting. We also hope to follow up with an event to explore how best to evaluate, act on, and in due course refresh, the data we’ve gathered.

Please continue to share your thoughts, memories and photos by email, through our LinkedIn group or on Twitter (@IPInclusive), using the tag #ipinclusiveweek. Also don’t forget to sign up to our “IP Inclusive Updates” mailing list to keep abreast of what’s going on now IP Inclusive Week is over.

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