In the run-up to Careers in Ideas Week (16-22 November 2020), we’ll be featuring a number of social mobility and outreach charities on our website News and Features page. These are charities who would love to work with IP professionals to raise awareness of IP-related careers and help widen the pool of people from which we recruit. Most of them will be attending a high-level think tank that we’re co-hosting with the IP Federation on 23 September 2020, specifically to look at social mobility and access into the IP professions.

One of our featured charities will be In2scienceUK, a charity that has been supporting IP Inclusive events for some time now and that has already forged relationships with some of the IP sector firms (see here for example). Today, their Development Officer Luke McKelvey provides an update on their recent work and why it’s particularly important since the arrival of Covid-19.

Luke writes:


In2scienceUK’s mission

This year IP Inclusive has selected In2scienceUK as one of its featured charities for its Careers in Ideas Week. The charity will be taking part in the virtual “think tank” event on 23 September 2020. In2scienceUK is a charity that supports young people from low-income and minority backgrounds gain the essential experience, skills, and confidence they need to reach their potential and progress to STEM degrees and careers. The In2scienceUK programme aims to provide these young people with a better future by allowing them to take part in high-quality work placements, undertake real research with STEM professionals and benefit from supportive role models. IP Inclusive has played a supporting role in In2scienceUK’s progression over the last year and we are proud to support and advance their mission.

In2scienceUK’s Covid-19 response

The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on how In2scienceUK support young people. With the closure of schools, universities and research centres In2scienceUK has had to innovate and deliver a programme of high quality STEM modules, skills days and individual mentoring sessions via a bespoke digital platform (see here). In2scienceUK was the only organisation offering varied and expertly designed material and mentoring to ensure young people were able to progress with their education and gain support during this summer’s lockdown, in which educational institutions were shut and provision for young people was limited. This year’s In2scienceUK programme was a huge success with 567 young people being supported, 62% of which were female, 66% recipients of free school meals and 78% from black and ethnic minority (BAME) backgrounds.


Partners for diversity and inclusion

Every year thousands of young people apply to take part in the In2scienceUK programme and sadly we are unable to support all of them. This year the IP sector has been able to increase the number of young people from low income backgrounds supported through the In2scienceUK programme. Our thanks to HGF Limited and D Young & Co, who have supported the “IP Scholars Programme” and made a great contribution to diversity in STEM. Furthermore, In2scienceUK are proud to announce their partnership with the IP Federation, who have generously agreed to support the 2021 IP Scholars Programme and aim to support a further three young people through the programme each year from 2021 onwards. This is fantastic news for everyone at In2scienceUK and is a testament to the determination of many within the IP sector to support greater social mobility in IP and STEM.


Why In2scienceUK matters

The IP sector holds great potential for young people passionate about STEM degrees and careers. However, many young people require a greater understanding of careers in IP and how STEM degrees can lead to dynamic training and career opportunities in intellectual property. By supporting In2scienceUK and helping more young people progress you can be part of something greater and inspire the next generation to achieve and contribute to real change, diversity and inclusion in the process. Download the In2scienceUK IP Scholars Programme proposal here and get involved today!


Promote diversity and inclusion in IP

To support the In2scienceUK IP Scholars Programme please email Luke McKelvey, the Development Officer at In2scienceUK ([email protected]), to find out more and support their mission.


Finally, In2scienceUK would like to thank IP Inclusive for selecting them as a featured charity for the Careers In Ideas Week. In2scienceUK are proud supporters of IP Inclusive’s mission and are look forward to working closely with the IP sector for the long-term future.



Page published on 21st September 2020
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