Abel & Imray (@abelimray):
In support of
#ipinclusiveweek, we’re celebrating our diversity across all 3 offices with lunch & #cake! We’re proud to be members of @IPInclusive & our diversity group regularly meet to discuss ways A&I can foster a more inclusive culture & how to implement change.
Wynne-Jones IP (@ip_expert):
This week we are celebrating @IPInclusive #ipinclusiveweek Read more about IP inclusive here:  Making the #intellectualproperty profession #welcoming #accessible #respectful #supportive
Happy #IPInclusiveWeek! We are celebrating diversity in the IP professions and encouraging our members to take part in diversity and inclusion awareness events. Read more about @IPInclusive and its upcoming events:
#ipinclusiveweek is off and running
@HGF_IP with “inclusiviTEA and cake” in the London office. Lots of fun games to play, around the topic of the day.

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