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As mentioned in an earlier blog, IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) is the committee which oversees everything done under the IP Inclusive banner. It looks after our bank account and also formal matters such as third party liability insurance and data protection compliance.

Its current members are:

  • CIPA, represented by Andrea Brewster (Chair) and Lee Davies;
  • CITMA, represented by Keven Bader and Richard Goddard;
  • FICPI-UK, represented by Liz Dawson (Treasurer);
  • IP Federation, represented by Carol Arnold (Secretary); and
  • Michael Silverleaf QC.

You can contact IPIM at any time by emailing the IPIM Secretary, or for financial matters emailing the IPIM Treasurer. Please feel free to send them your ideas about IP Inclusive’s future direction or activities.

IPIM meets once a month.  The minutes of its last two meetings (April and May) can be downloaded here and here, together with the Chair’s report from April.

Andrea Brewster
IP Inclusive leader
IP Inclusive Management

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