IP & ME (@bameipinclusive):
In time for #IPInclusiveWeek, please take time to read about the incredible journey of Tibor Gold, member of @bameipinclusive: LinkedIn post here

​Catherine Jewell
Here at @BeckGreener we are holding a Games Lunch on Thursday – nothing brings people together like Hungry Hippos… Apart maybe from Jenga, Operation or Kerplunk (other games also available).
Keven Bader (@KevenBader):
Fantastic to see lots of activity by the IP profession in support of
#ipinclusiveweek Big appreciative shout out to @IPInclusive and the work of the support groups
Emma Longland (@emma_longland):
Day 2
#ipinclusiveweek @HGF_IP “Disabilities in the workplace”.
Wynne-Jones IP (@ip_expert):
Here at Wynne-Jones IP we are challenging common misconceptions and supporting greater
#diversity, #equality, and #inclusivity across our profession. So we asked several of our senior trainees – What does being IP inclusive mean to you?
Murgitroyd (@Murgitroyd):
Excited to be supporting
#ipinclusiveweek this week! Today’s lunch highlighted the work that #Murgitroyd has been doing in this area and the benefits which embracing diversity and inclusiveness can bring to our staff, clients, company and communities

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