We’re delighted to present our business plan and budget for the period from May 2021 to April 2022. They’re based on discussions at our 23 March 2021 annual meeting and the results of our 2020 stakeholder consultation survey, and they build on the plans for IP Inclusive’s structural development which we published shortly before, and discussed at, the annual meeting.

You can download the business plan and budget here.


Our 2021-22 objectives

We plan to focus our activities during this next year on six high-level objectives:

  1. Improving our engagement with, and support for, our EDI Charter signatories
  2. Supporting IP professionals and their organisations as they emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, to help ensure that D&I and wellbeing are appropriately addressed in the new working arrangements and that positive aspects of the 2020 changes can be retained
  3. Increasing upstream awareness of the IP professions and improving access, in particular for disadvantaged and currently under-represented groups
  4. Widening participation in IP Inclusive throughout the IP professions
  5. Improving coordination of our resources, activities and associated communications, both internally and alongside relevant external organisations
  6. Measuring and evaluating our impact

The business plan sets out the specific things we plan to do in pursuit of these objectives. We will of course continue to work with our supporters to devise more detailed plans and projects, as for example identified in our 2020 Annual Report. The five communities and the regional networks will also coordinate their work around the general themes above but will have greater independence to shape their activities to suit the groups they represent.



IP Inclusive Management (IPIM) welcomes feedback on this document. Please write to our Lead Executive Officer Andrea Brewster at [email protected].



Page published on 15th April 2021
Page last modified on 29th July 2022

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